Nature and Environment

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Our exhibitions about nature and environment will introduce you to the sea, the forest, the landscape and streams in a wonderful scenery

You will get to learn using games, quizzes and films, and you can:.

The sea

  • Take a walk under the surface of the sea and learn about water, rich and poor in oxygen.
  • Smell at polluted seabed, taste salt water and see living fish and plants. 
  • Touch stones and mussels.

 The forest

  • Climb around in the underground passages in the wooden hill and see animals and mushrooms that are normally difficult to spot.
  • Touch the woodman's equipment and watch a film about working with wood.
  • Play a game about bird song and the different leaves of the trees.
  • Look at life in the forest through a pair of binoculars.
  • Determine the path of water through a winding or straight stream.

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